GudPub serves a platform where an individual can sell or buy items all over the world and there are very fewer chances of identity theft and reduces the chances of fraud. Basically, this is a platform to create social security among the users and helps in building an economic cycle that will help in setting an e-market. This could be compared with the automatic teller machine as here we give the details of an item and in return to it, we get credits. Basically here, we are trying to spread an idea of cross-selling, social security and a group of steps that provides a path in saving ourselves from identity theft. To get this as a start, we had performed a different predictive analysis to reach great success. This data visualization can't be achieved from a single day job, it’s a joint effort of our team and feedback from the society. Currently, let's come together and spread the idea of correlation among one user and another. Users can create an account and sell goods without facing any kind of insecurity or threat while re-selling second-hand goods online. This is a safe and secure platform, it’s an idea of an individual to safeguard the world from threats.

According to the data analytics, it seems that excitement towards e-selling is getting more day by day. The thought process behind this idea is to create a contract among users and develops a market that will not just help them to protect their selves from frauds and helps in making a phase of cross-selling between users. The idea behind is to credit cash in user’s accounts as well as want to protect all of them from different types of thefts. We promise that this place will serve you the satisfaction and will help you to earn credits that will help to build your lifestyle. The products which are old for you can become new for anyone. This idea somehow relates to the Barter system which is an old tradition of our community.

The aim of this launch is to create a sense of responsibility among all the users and ideally what we are planning to do is to create a world without frauds, thefts and focus on to relieve users from a sense of insecurity that occurs while selling goods online. The future goal is to develop a friendly environment for the user and raise the social economy of the world.

Am I being too optimistic? Yes, I am optimistic because this platform is created by people, is for the people and will be used by the people of the same community. The idea of cross-selling is key to the enhancement of financial services. Let’s join hands together and make this platform a great success and take a step towards creating advanced user-friendly technology.